iTax Solutions launched in 2005 to provide incomparable business solutions to clients in need. Our team comes in combined knowledge of 25 years of professional experience. We strive in keeping up with new laws and regulations as well, as market trends.
Every member of iTax Solutions team is an essential and valued attribute to, not only our business, but yours as well.
iTax Solutions management team is comprised of highly -skilled individuals with expert accounting experience and expertise. They bring to the field a combination of technical knowledge, direct hands-on experience, and a commitment to helping small business organizations and understanding of their bottom line profits.

iTax Solutioins is the team of professionals of the highest level, which not only perfectly know their job, but also like it very much. Each member of our team is accountant by vocation, for which balance figures, financial and tax reports each time are lining up to a unique classical symphony.

We do not only love our job, we always strive to benefit the person who turns to us for help. And no matter who you are-the Director of a large holding company or an aspiring entrepreneur, in any case, here you can find the best solution to all issues that refer to your accounting department.


Choosing an accountant is an important decision and you need to find one that matches your needs, you feel comfortable with, can trust and whose fee levels are fair.
We've produced the following checklist to help you choose and get the most from your accountant.

    Call Whenever You Need. Get an Accountant who you can call whenever you need help and advice, without fear of being charged every time you make a phone call.

    Understanding. Get an Accountant you can speak to openly and honestly and who understands all your needs.

    Will Visit You. We will visit you or you can come to us for an initial consultation free of charge. 

    Give Tax Ideas. Ask us what tax ideas we have for you. You want an Accountant who will pro-actively come up with new ideas.

    Fixed Fees. We make sure you get a fixed fee for our work.

    View Our Website. To see how pro-active we are and what we offer to clients. 

    Quick Response. Make an enquiry and see how quickly we respond. 

    Who Will You Deal With? Find out who you will be dealing with in the firm,