We are very passionate about our clients having the right information on a timely basis. We also find that many clients benefit from an outside party reviewing their financial statements monthly and providing an additional element of internal control.

   Internal control and review alternatives for improving efficiency.

   Timely and focused monthly reporting.

   Develop the annual financial budget and monitoring forecast.

   Cash flow analysis.

   Identify the key drivers of the business.


This is the backbone of accounting - accurate, careful recording of transactions. Bookkeepers are also responsible for timely government filings, tracking receiables and payables.

For an organization with a high level of activity, an internal accountant generally makes sense. However, for growing smaller organizations we can provide a "one-stop" service that provides the bookkeeping together with controllership, freeing the entrepreneur to focus on priorities.

Whether you are a start-up, non-profit, growing or well-established business, iTax Solutions can provide bookkeeping services to meet your needs. Our bookkeeping services are customized and scalable based on your changing requirements. Pricing is competitive and cost-effective. In fact, we are confident that our bookkeeping clients save in accounting fees on a per annum basis if they also use our bookkeeping services! How does this work? iTax Solutions clients who use our bookkeeping services for their monthly bookkeeping will benefit from a faster turnaround on financial statements and tax returns.

Focus on your business instead of struggling with reconciliations and payroll filing!